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8-week programs to bring your spoken English from good to great

  1. Live meetings with experienced teachers
  2. Fresh weekly content to keep you interested
  3. Speaking Spaces to use English all the more
  4. English Toolkit to work at your own pace

English Levels: For intermediate levels on up - you are a B1 speaker of English.

Speak with confidence and see yourself differently: The one who speaks out at meetings, who finds the right word fast, who networks and engages in great conversation, and discovers new opportunities with their confident "English self".

About Maude Vuille

Maude Vuille is an experienced language teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is Swiss-American and has been teaching for nearly 20 years children and adults, in person and online.

She is a resourceful, technologically aware and communications-oriented English teacher with a degree in Japanese language from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the United States. She began her teaching career in Asia.

Maude loves language and discovering what drives each of us to learn and to ask questions to move forward, and how speaking with confidence in a foreign language changes lives.

Our main website is but online work takes place on this platform. It turns out that "ohyes" is a lot easier to spell and remember :) So, don't be confused if you read "Languages and more" or "Oh Yes, Languages", the same people are behind both sites.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“I was very excited about our first English session in your virtual classroom. Now I can say it was very useful and motivating experience for me. It was great fun talking English and meeting other interesting participants. I also realized that there were some words I didn’t know, although I understood the meaning of the sentences. Next time I should note the words or just ask immediately what they mean.” ― J. Z. (Book Club)
“The panel interview went well - I was ready, comfortable and they all noticed that I spoke much better English. My accent has totally changed and made it easier to speak, too. And...I got the job! ” ― B.J. (at an international organization)
“Thanks again for the online classes these last weeks...The kids love going and it structures their day! It's been a lifesaver and you didn't skip a beat starting right away after lock down.” ― A.B. (parent)
“Très efficace. J’ai pu reproduire une situation au travail et obtenir un feedback immédiat.” ― A. (Interpreter)
“The second revision with Maude…has been extremely useful to me, in fact, it exceeded all my expectations. I will try to “apply the main points learned”. (work over performance appraisal)” ― M.G. (Manager)
“J’ai étudié l’anglais avec Maude Vuille et suis TRÈS SATISFAITE.

Je trouve la formule particulièrement adaptée à mes conditions de travail. Même pendant les semaines les plus chargées.” ― P.D. (Translator)
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